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Token Reference:
Token Bonus
Monster +1 Att or +1 AC
Challenge +1 Skill or +1 Save
Life +3 HP

Additional rules may be provided for a match in these pages:
Match 1

The Game:
Players will face off against each other and NPCs in a large arena in a free-for-all deathmatch. Barring any whims of Gwaed, the only way to win the game is to be the last one standing. There will be other hazards in the arena, which are detailed below. Players can gain advantages by overcoming these hazards.

Character Generation:
Only material from the Core Rulebooks is allowed.

Each player will make 2 characters. It will be randomly determined which one the player will use. The other character will become an NPC.

Level 6
Abilities: Roll 4d6, drop the lowest roll, reroll 1’s.

Each character begins with 3 items of your choosing. No item may cost more than 8000g and the combined price of the 3 items cannot exceed 16,000g.
Each player also specifies 2 items (with a maximum price of 16,000g per item) to the DM. These will be added to the Treasure Pool and it will be randomly determined which items in the Treasure Pool will be placed into the arena.

Ammunition (arrows, bolts, etc) does not count towards a character’s 3 item limit.

At the start of a game, each character will have the opportunity to obtain some mundane survival equipment. This equipment will be suited to the nature of the arena.

The Arena:
There are four types of features in the arena. They will be randomly placed throughout the arena.

Monsters inhabit certain areas of the arena. When they are defeated, their bodies disintegrate and they drop a Monster Token. Stronger monsters may also drop a Treasure. Upon taking a Monster Token, the player may choose to gain either a +1 Attack bonus or a +1 AC bonus. The Attack bonus cannot grant extra attacks. The AC bonus applies only to normal AC (touch and flat-footed remain unchanged).

There are certain areas of the arena that contain challenges, such as climbing a large rock or identifying a poisonous plant. Overcoming a challenge yields a Challenge Token. Upon taking a Challenge Token, the player may choose to gain either a +1 Skill bonus to any skill or a +1 Save bonus to any save.

Treasure can be found in certain areas of the arena or sometimes dropped from strong monsters.

Certain locations in the arena have special properties. For example, there might be a fountain that can restore hit points. Most locations require payment to activate. This payment takes the form of either Tokens or Treasure (varies depending on the nature of the Location).

Upon death, a character’s body disintegrates and they drop all their Treasure (including starting items), any Tokens they may have collected, and a Life Token. Taking a Life Token gives +3 Hit Points to the possessing character.

If a player’s character dies, it is game over for them.

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