Valley of Blood

Match 1 Results

Initial Initial Number
1 = Person’s PC
2 = Person’s NPC

CA1 – Donkey
CA2 – Mal
CG1 – Domino
CG2 – Maxwell Hearthheart
JC1 – Hermit
JC2 – Boran H’lau
JP1 – Stan McStanley
JP2 – Whisperblood
MD1 – Marcus
MD2 – Iskandar
NB1 – Ultar Frostbeard
NB2 – Emris

Who Killed Who and How:

  • Whisperblood Killed Mal by butchering him with a greatsword.
  • Domino Killed Maxwell with a fire elemental and some singing.
  • Donkey Killed Boran after cornering him. They had a furious duel that brought them both to low health, then finally Donkey got a hit in.
  • Emris Found Cursed Treasure, a robe of powerlessness. Donning it caused Emris’ Wisdom score to drop to 10, cutting off all his druid spells. Emris hid after that.
  • Whisperblood Downed Donkey after setting an ambush using an everburning torch as bait. Marcus and Ultar showed up, distracting Whisperblood from finishing Donkey.
  • Ultar Killed Marcus, with Marcus being trapped between Ultar and Whisperblood. Marcus damaged Whisperblood enough that he decided to run off.
  • Ultar Killed Donkey, after finding him downed near Marcus’ body.
  • Greater Shadow Killed Iskandar and Iskandar’s horse, spawning 2 new shadows.
  • Stan Killed Domino (allies at the time along with Hermit) while under the confusion influence of an Intellect Devourer by poking straight through Domino’s throat.
  • Stan Killed Hermit after Hermit saw Stan kill Domino. Hermit ran up but missed a swing, then Stan didn’t miss his swing. Hermit was already very injured from soloing an Ettin.
  • Greater Shadow and Friends Killed Emris, spawning another new shadow.
  • Ultar Killed Whisperblood after Whisperblood came back to the area near Marcus’ body.
  • Gwaed teleported Stan and Ultar into a room with each other to fight the final fight.
  • Stan Killed Ultar, tripping and poking him to death.

Winner: JP1 – Stan McStanley

Postmortem Recognitions:

  • Hermit soloing an Ettin was cool.
  • Donkey never backed down from a fight.
  • Domino, “Seek. Destroy. Seek. Destroy.”
  • Marcus was good at running from a dwarf.
  • Ultar was efficient at hunting down other contestants.

Master of the Valley of Blood

Victor List
Victor List

This is where I’ll list those of you who survive and those of you who die horribly.

Master of the Valley of Blood


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